Sigmar Gabriel, Vice-Chancellor of Germany

Inclusion worldwide



The International Short Break Conference 2014 was a great opportunity for all who are interested in offering help for people with disabilities or ongoing disabling conditions. The focus of ISBA Conferences is always on inclusion.


A thrilling programme and professional speakers created a think tank for more than 200 delegates from about 20 countries. Keynote speeches and more than 40 Presentations in Workshops formed a thrilling program to listen to projects worldwide. We will show the first results on our web page soon.



For the German Organisation Committee it was a pleasure to welcome all the delegates. Thank you for joining our Conference. 



Word of Welcome by the Member of German Parliament and Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel:


It`s not a regular occurrence that a town like Wolfenbuettel is mentioned together with major cities like Sidney, Paris, Copenhagen or Toronto. All the more I am happy about the fact that this year’s conference of the International Short Break Association takes place in our beautiful and traditionally rich although small town in the heart of Germany. I am sending a warm welcome to all participants of the 9th ISBA ... more